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Kenneth D Washington

Mr. Washington has over 20 years experience in the development of large scale, high performance, enterprise application
systems using component-based and service-oriented Architectures.  He has expertise applying the full software
development life-cycle and has extensive object oriented design and programming experience using Java, C# and C++.
This professional thrives in high intensity, mission critical projects and has led numerous teams to success in the role of
Team leader, Technical lead, and Chief Solutions Architect.


Development : C# ASP.NET, WCF, WPF, WWF, GAC, SOA, REST, Java, Axis, Google App Engine
Database : SQL Server 2008, Oracle 10g, DDL, DML, DTS, SSIS, Advanced SQL, Performance Tuning
Frontend : XML, DHTML, DOM, Flash/Flex, JQuery, YUI, JavaScript
Applications : eCollege, Blackboard, ImageNOW, BizTalk, Class, CampusVUE, PeopleSoft
Web Servers :  IIS, Apache/Tomcat, WSAS


Assignment : Alta Colleges - Westwood College Online
Duration : October, 2003 - Present
Environment : Windows / C# ASP.NET / SQL Server 2008, Java / Oracle
Description : Education Industry
Role : Chief Solutions Architect, Lead Faculty, Professor

Led or participated in most of the strategic IT initiatives that grew the Westwood College Online campus from
under 300 students to well over 5000. These included implementation of the PeopleSoft (Smart) project, support of
the Class and CampusVUE systems, Design and development of the Faculty Information and Credentialing
system, real-time Leads dialer software (CosmoCom), ImageNOW document management, electronic Student
Action Request (eSAR) automation and much more.

Designed the Enterprise Application Integration layer of software to bridge Alta Student and Faculty information
systems with the vendor provided Learning Management Systems (eCollege, Blackboard). Designed the
Architecture and Detailed Designs for the middleware known as the Parser. Coded the original Parser using C#
and ASP. Net, and led team of offshore programmers in the construction of the latest version. Coordinated the
migration of students from the old LMS (eCollege) to the new (Blackboard). Applied standards based APIs from
IMS Global Learning Consortium (LIS) where appropriate and developed custom real-time Web Services where

Created several tools and reusable code libraries to support nearly every aspect of the Student Life-Cycle from
Lead capture to Graduation. The Email Campaign tool supported a multitude of custom email campaigns to
support students including Right To Cancel, Exit Counsel, Login Credentials, SAP (Academic Probation),
Orientation, etc. Designed the Program Enhancements process and algorithm for converting over 5000 students
to the new “V2” curriculum. The algorithm mapped student's transcript courses into the new program using a
multi-pass intelligent algorithm.

Served as Lead Faculty, Assistant Program Director, and adjunct faculty member, supervising, administrating, 
teaching Students and mentoring Faculty in the IT and Technology programs offered by the College.

Assignment : Gevalia Kaffe (Kraft)
Duration : February, 2003 - September, 2003
Environment : Windows / .NET / SQL Server 2000, Manugistics / AIX / Oracle
Description : Supply Chain / Order Management Integration / Product Master
Role : Consultant

Designed Supply Chain Management Integration Solution using Manugistics Order Management (Spaceworks) as
the bridge between AIX based Manugistics Demand/Fulfill (SCPO) and Gevalia’s standard application
infrastructure (Windows / .NET / SQL Server 2000).  Transformed Vehicle Load data into Order Management
Requisitions for import. 

Customized Order Management with UDAs and by extending custom adapters and workflow classes to integrate
seamlessly with Windows based Finance applications, COM+ Components and .NET based Web Services. 
Populated Order Management schema and Common Security Model from legacy Purchase Order system using

Developed user interfaces in Visual Basic, ASP.NET, SQL Server 2000 Stored Procedures and elaborate DTS
Scripts to support Manugistics related integration requirements (SCPO) in Product Master internal application.

Designed Custom Reporting infrastructure using .NET, SQL, XML, XSL, DHTML and CSS to support Gevalia’s
reporting beyond that which Manugistics ViewPOINT could provide.

Assignment : Access Data Corporation
Duration : November, 2002 - January, 2003
Environment : Java/Swing, XML JAXB
Description : NaviMedex GUI Enhancements
Role : Development Lead

Designed XML Based persistence layer for the NaviMedex Health Care Claims processing application using
JAXB.  Worked with client resources located in NM to understand the limitations of the existing to re-engineer
core parts of the Swing based application including the Auto-Fill, and Prompt-Fill UIs.

Assignment : Manugistics, Inc
Duration : May, 2001 - October, 2002
Environment : Java/J2EE, XML, STRUTS, WebLogic 6.1, LDAP, Siteminder, Oracle, WebMethods
Description : Toshiba, Ford Motor, ConvergePlan Supply Chain Management Solution
Role : Development Lead

Led the design and development efforts for the Toshiba project.  Customized the Manugistics Collaborate product
for Toshiba using JSP, DHTML, EJB and Manugistics’ Model-2 Servlet Framework. Coordinated the development
activities and mentored the globally distributed development team.  Implemented ‘real-time’ integration CR
between Collaborate, Demand and Fulfillment applications (SCPO).  Designed and built lat/lon and grid generation
logic for BMW Strategy/Transport integration project.
Customized Manugistics’ Network Sequencing with Optimization (NSO) software product to meet Goodyear’s
specialized Filtering and Performance needs.  Integrated Ford legacy production systems into Manugistics' new
era Scheduling and Sequencing products ABP & NSO.  Designed a sophisticated Data Loader tool to expedite
the evolving load process.  The loader was controlled by XML driver files, which gave the business analysts
considerable flexibility in refining the load process.  Developed XSL based reports for management.
Responsible for on-time delivery of the ConvergePlan Supply Chain Management solution.  Based on a
Manugistics product (eHub) designed for Cisco Inc., the ConvergePlan collaborative service is configured to
function in a High Performance, Highly Available, Clustered environment. 

Assignment : Navidec, Inc
Duration : May, 1999 - April, 2001
Environment : Java, J2EE, Swing, TIBCO, XML/XSLT, SOAP, JMS, WebLogic 5.1, C++, WLPI
Description : Migration of E3 Trim, DriveOff.com, Infrastructure development
Role : Team Lead / Designer

Developed a new architecture, detailed design, and functional architectural prototype for the E3 Trim Inventory
Management and Replenishment product. The current product used a C++, MFC client to connect via TCP/IP to
an AS/400 backend.  The new Architecture (deployed on WebLogic 5.1 and WebSphere) replaces the existing
client with a Java/Swing based GUI and introduces a middle tier (Servlets, EJB).  The AS/400 Inventory
Management Engine was encapsulated behind a layer of EJBs and was designed to fully support Globalization.
Developed the Architecture and Design of the eAuto Core framework as part of a small design team to support
tens or hundreds of 'branded' DriveOff.com sites.  The eAuto Core was designed to facilitate personalized look and
feel, site navigation, workflow, and logic from a single runtime.  At the heart of this framework was an abstraction
(BeanMethod), which facilitated the plug-and-play of new business components (EJBs) and supported the use of
different protocols (i.e., SOAP, DCOM).  A functional architectural prototype was also developed which
incorporated JMS communications on MQ Series and Sonic MQ middleware.
Acted as Team Lead / Technical Lead for the Wells Fargo Auto Finance Center, Wells Fargo AutoXpress Lane,
and DriveOff.com projects.  Wrote whitepapers, risk analyses and developed rapid prototypes, as the situation
demanded to enhance communication & understanding.
Developed several reusable frameworks and components (Validation, WLPI Integration, etc.) using Java and J2EE
technologies.  Evaluated COTS products & developed prototypes for integration into various applications (WLPI,
TIBCO). These reusable modules were designed to support multiple projects and facilitate the rapid development
of sophisticated, reliable web based systems.
Acted as Team Lead for the DriveOff.com first release car buying website.  DriveOff.com was the first end-to-end
car purchasing website on the Internet.  We integrated ChromeData’s proprietary configurator software with
Navidec’s custom developed Workflow and Call Center Management components, Cybercash, and automatic
credit approval using Westar.

Assignment : Raytheon, Inc
Duration : January, 1996 - May, 1999
Environment : CORBA, Orbix, C++, STL, Solaris 2.6, HP/UX, DEC Alpha, RogueWave, HCL
Description : Distributed Command and Control System
Role : Subsystem Designer / Developer

Provided object-oriented analysis, design and programming services on three major software releases of the
Distributed Command and Control System (DCCS).  Worked with system and spacecraft engineers to design the
‘status’ subsystem and portions of the telemetry simulator under extremely tight deadlines.     The bulk of the
design was used without modification for vehicle and ground hardware decommutation, and formed the core of the
telemetry simulator.  Developed a translate utility to extract initialization files for status using Sybase ctlib and
RogueWave dbtools. Interfaced with Hardware Network Subsystem (HNSS) and Last Reported Value (LRV)
Server.  This project used Software Through Pictures and the Rumbaugh Method.
Designed and developed a password encryption algorithm and Application Programmer Interface (API) for DCCS
to bolster security controls and limit access to the database.
Re-engineered portions of the common display library for the Millennium (Mission Management) project. 
Converted 100K lines of XVIEW and Motif C++ code to make use of the evolving language and industry standards
including Templates, Exceptions, the Standard Template Library (STL) and CORBA.  Used OO Design
techniques to eliminate thousands of lines of unnecessary code making the resulting product more efficient and
Received cash bonus for assisting the team in meeting its Discrepancy Report (DR) work off goal on time.
Security: SSBI

Assignment : Visual Numerics, Inc
Duration : December, 1999 - April, 2000
Environment : Windows 95/98/NT, Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0, PV-Wave
Description : Evolution of COTS Product
Role : Contract Programmer, Visual C++

Redesigned Dynamic Link Library (DLL) Optional Product Interface (OPI) to meet ODBC 3.5 compliance and
performance requirements on contract to Visual Numerics, Inc (VNI).  Implemented the new design using Visual
C++ 5.0.  Provided VNI engineers and management with consulting services relating to the use of Dynamic Data
Exchange and ActiveX to enhance their PV-Wave product.

Assignment : US West, Inc
Duration : June, 1995 - January, 1996
Environment : Forte' Application Framework, Task Object Oriented Language (TOOL), Solaris, Ingres
Description : Integrated Network Inventory (INI)
Role : Programmer / Consultant

Provided consulting and programming services to US West Technologies Corporation, on the Integrated Network
Inventory (INI) and Copper Span Inventory Management (CSIM) projects.  Developed rapid prototypes for GUI
screens in Forte’ environment using TOOL object-oriented programming language.  Designed and developed
application programmer interface to Ingres database in C. 
Picked up an advanced working knowledge of Forte's TOOL Language in less than one week.

Assignment : Evolving Systems, Inc
Duration : November, 1994 - June, 1995
Environment : AIX, RS6000, Netware TLI, Solaris 2.0, C, C++
Description : Distributed Command and Control System
Role : Subsystem Designer / Developer

Provided consulting and programming services to Evolving Systems Incorporated in Englewood.  Redesigned
communications layer (sockets), and made enhancements to predictive dialer software for Evolving Systems’
customer Cable Placement Services Incorporated (CPSI). This was an inbound/outbound call center with Clipper
running on the client PC’s, connecting to the predictive dialer on AIX, communicating to an ASPECT switch via
Provided object oriented design and engineering services on the PSCo (Public Service Company of Colorado)
automated call center project using the Jacobson method and C++.

Assignment : MCI Telecommunications, Inc
Duration : May, 1994 - November, 1994
Environment : OS/2, C++, Sybase, Client/Server
Description : Service Order management System
Role : GUI Screen developer

Designed and developed reusable GUI Components for MCI Telecommunications company on the Service Order
Management System (SOMS) in OS/2 and the IBM CSet++ class library.  Channel assignments, and equipment
configuration were considered two of the most complex screens in the system.  Applied the Booch method to
deliver these and other components on-time and with minimal defects.

Assignment : Bureau of Land Management
Duration : February, 1987 -  May, 1994
Environment : DOS/Windows, Clipper, C, C++, Prime, Dbase III/IV, QuickBasic, AutoCAD
Description : Applications Support, Colorado State Office, Service Center
Role : Computer Specialist

Participated on the Technical Proposal Evaluation Committee (TPEC) that awarded the Automated Land and
Minerals (ALMRS) contract to Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC).  The contract was valued in excess of
$400M.  Developed numerous systems that are still in use, many of which are Bureau wide standards. 
Participated in Vice President Al Gore’s Reinventing Government campaign. Received Points of Light award for
developing the Workforce In Support of Education (WISE) program.
Created data models to support Fish and Wildlife, Stream Tributaries, Cadastral Survey, and Minerals
Management in support of numerous Office Automation applications in a bottom-up design.  In many cases, this
involved travel to Resource Area and District offices to interact with field personnel and subject matter experts to
better comprehend Domain details and their implications.
Developed numerous Office Automation support applications using QuickBasic, Dbase III/IV, Clipper, C, and
Microsoft Visual Studio C++ including Cadastral Data Entry (CADDE), AutoLisp fill justify, and Fish & Wildlife

Bachelors, Metropolitan State College of Denver, 1990
Masters Level Courses, University of Colorado at Denver, 1991
Adjunct Professor, Red Rocks Community College, Advanced C programming, 1990
Adjunct Professor, Westwood College Online, 2010


Languages DBase, Pascal, Assembler, Bash, Perl, Forte (TOOL), AutoLisp
Operating Systems   Windows 95/98/NT, OS/2, DOS and UNIX (Solaris 2.5, Dec Alpha, HP-Unix, AIX)
Database          Sybase, Informix, Ingres, ODBC, DAO, Access
Front-end Tools        Swing, MFC, Visual Café, ObjectVision, Neuron Data, XVT, Forms
Technologies           J2EE, EJB, JNLP, TMX, RogueWave, Sharepoint, SLK
Web Tools         XSP, Cocoon, JavaScript, MQ Series, FrontPage, Siteminder, LDAP, TIBCO, WLPI
Web Servers         WebLogic 4.5 - 7.0, Apache/Tomcat, WebSphere